Beautiful skin is clean skin. Not only surficially clean but deeply clean.


Most routine cleansing treatments don’t remove all of the impurities that accumulate on the skin surface and more deeply in the pores. A regimen that includes a deeper cleaning commitment is needed – a process that removes surficial debris and dead skin cells, hydrates the renewed surface and restores a radiant glow.



Pure clean water

Utilize the cleansing and hydrating properties of water to thoroughly clean and hydrate.

Cyclone technology

Intensify the cleansing power of water with orbital action and vacuum suction

Targeted formulations

Innovative solutions allow varying levels of skin resurfacing and exfoliation.

Diamond peel

Enhanced resurfacing from mechanical action.



  • Dual handsets – hydra cleansing and mechanical resurfacing
  • Cyclone pressure head
  • Vacuum suction



  • Improve skin texture
  • Remove fine lines
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Thoroughly hydrate skin cells
  • Resurface skin by removing dead surface skin
  • Deeply nourish
  • Clean pores and reduce size
  • Reverse sun damage
  • Restore youthful appearance


Our device offers dual function technology – hydra cleansing and deeper resurfacing. Hydra-cleansing thoroughly removes debris follows by effective hydration at the cellular level. We offer several serums to meet customer expectations. Simulate the effects of a chemical peel with no peeling; thoroughly nourish at the cellular level. Use our diamond tip hand-piece to resurface. Two technologies – one device.

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