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Make Every Facial an Oxygen-Enriched Service

Skin cells need oxygen to reproduce and regenerate. Factors like aging, pollution, sun exposure, dietary changes, and stress can all affect the health of your skin, making it harder for oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin.

As a result, both skin cell metabolism and circulation in the capillaries can slow down. This, in turn, causes skin to become dehydrated and begin to discolor. Fine lines and wrinkles may start to appear.

AquaBeauty O2 Cube™


Aesthetic oxygen concentrator
It provides a continuous flow of oxygen-enriched air by separating the oxygen and nitrogen contained in ambient air. The oxygen is delivered through the Micro Mist Spray Brush, a painless and non-invasive delight that bathes client’s face with a refreshing, oxygen-enriched mist.

Truly affordable
High value, oxygen-enriched facial spray system. It will generate immediate new revenue as a stand-alone service or complement existing spa menu.

Fully customizable
To provide an endless range of effective, soothing facials specific to the needs of clients.

AquaBeauty O2 Cube™


Aquabeauty O2 CubeTM Micro Mist Sprayer​

The Micro Mist Spray Brush envelops the face with a refreshing, oxygen-enriched mist. Incorporate skincare products such as serum into the spray brush reservoir to dispense skincare and oxygen-enriched air in one easy movement for beautiful, dewy skin.


Aquabeauty O2 CubeTM Face Dome​

This mask is perfect for oxygen facials. The mask fits the entire face. Serves a dual purpose - the face being treated with oxygen, while the customer has the added benefit of breathing it too.

AquaBeauty O2 Cube™


  • Complements all skincare products & facial services
  • Effective for all skin types
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Low maintenance



  • AquaBeauty O2 CubeTM Micro Mist Sprayer
  • AquaBeauty O2 CubeTM Face Dome
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